Blog: Paje, a tropical paradise

When you picture a tropical beach in your mind, it most likely will be the exact same as what Paje has to offer. Paje is a small fishers town on the East coast of Zanzibar, and it has everything a tropical beach needs. Azure waters, fine white sand, beach bars, water activities and a relaxing vibe. Nowadays, this beach is famous for kitesurfing. Within the past ten years, there have been many bars and restaurants that have opened on Paje beach and there are lots of activities you can do as well. This is definitely not a place where you get bored easily. Although there are numerous hotels and guesthouses, the beach is not crowded at all. There is enough space for everyone and it is easy to find a place with beach chairs where you can drink cold beverages, have a swim, enjoy the constant sea breeze and relax.

Paje, a tropical paradise

Things you cannot forget when planning a beach day at Paje:
– Sunglasses – The beach is beautiful, and has very fine white sand. Exactly for that reason, it is smart to bring sunglasses. The brightness of the beach can sometimes be too much.
– Camera – When visiting Paje, you definitely want to capture the beauty the beach has to offer. Therefore, a camera is an absolute must.
– Sarong – Having a sarong can be very useful, especially on Zanzibar. When you walk into the village you can cover your shoulders, and when you are on the beach you can make a beach dress out of it. If you do not have a sarong, do not worry! We have many sarongs in our little boutique, with different colours and prints.
– Sunhat and sunscreen – Definitely must-haves if you want to enjoy the sun without getting sunburned.
– Water shoes – There is a big difference between the high and low tides. Make sure to bring some water shoes. When it is low tide it is possible to walk on the bottom of the sea all the way until the reef. To make sure you do not hurt yourself by accidently stepping on a sea urchin, water shoes are necessary.

Paje is one of the best beaches on Zanzibar, so go and check it out. Our guesthouse is located only a ten-minute’ walk from the beach, and we offer free daily shuttle services to the beach. Perfect for your beach holiday!

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