In our little boutique at the reception we sell all kinds of different souvenirs and products.  We sell colorful wallets, printed pillow cases, beautiful bags and so much more. Did you know that all of our products are handmade? Together with the local community, parents, children and volunteers we collect materials and make products. The local community receives a fair price for all their work, products and effort.

More Handmade


We want to introduce volunteers, guests, tourists and expatriates with the products of More Africa We provide daycare to our children/parents and the local craftsmen so they can generate additional income for themselves

Selling points Zanzibar

More Africa (Paje)
Mahali Zanzibar (Paje)
Bellevue Zanzibar (Bwejuu)
Mellow Moods Guesthouse (Bwejuu)

Selling points Netherlands

Wimperextentions Alinda Hofstra

Want to sell More Handmade?

Interested in selling the More Handmade products? Feel free to contact us at or +255 629987809