In our little boutique at the reception we sell all kinds of different souvenirs and products. Zanzibar has amazing artisans who make beautiful and unique products. More Handmade is a part of More Africa and works together with those amazing people and together we create, design and purchase our items and products. All artisans receive a fair price for their work and effort. Also our children make their own products such as postcards and keychains.

More Handmade sells wallets, ipad cases, laptop cases, pillow cases, reusable water bottles, make-up and toiletbags and many more.

Want to sell More Handmade?

Interested in selling the More Handmade products? Feel free to contact us at or +255 629987809


More Africa wants to make travellers AWARE of the social and cultural aspects, make them UNDERSTAND their IMPACT and trying to make that impact a POSITIVE one.
More Africa works with local artisans who receive a fair price for their work and effort.

Selling points Zanzibar

-More Africa (Paje)
-Mahali Zanzibar (Paje)
-Bellevue Zanzibar (Bwejuu)
-Mellow Moods Guesthouse (Bwejuu)

Selling points Netherlands

-Wimperextentions Alinda Hofstra