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Our mission

More Africa is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Paje, on Zanzibar, founded in 2015 by the Dutch Ellen van Beers. The organization focuses on children and young adults with physical and/or mental disabilities.
The main aim of More Africa is to help disabled children and young adults see the light in their daily life and future. This is done by providing every child and young adult with an education, physical therapy, medical help, training and/or meaningful daytime activities that they deserve, as the society and the schools do not have enough knowledge and possibilities to offer the children what they need.

Our Impact

More Africa’s school is open every Tuesday till Saturday. Every morning we love to welcome the children. In Africa it is quite common that disabled children do not go to school every day. To prevent this from happening at our school, Ellen picks the children up to make sure they come every day. On a school day the children are provided with the right special education, therapy and/or meaningful daytime activities.
Thanks to the existence of More Africa’s school not only do the children connect with each other, but also the families. We are building a local community, because we believe people can reach more together than they can reach alone.
More Africa is conscientious about the environmental and social impacts of our business. We aim to continually improve and monitor the environmental performances of the organization. By informing our children and community about the importance of sustainability, we increase awareness. An example is the beach clean-up day, which is organised on a monthly basis.
In order to run our project in a self-sustainable way, More Africa offers 10 beautiful bungalows with private bathroom, all located on the same premises.
All income from the bungalows and other facilities will go straight to the special school for children and young adults with disabilities, so we can keep giving our children the education and therapy they deserve.
The concept of More Africa is very unique in East-Africa. While staying with More Africa guests will contribute directly to a good charity. By doing this you will feel the good in giving back during your stay.

More Africa’s community-based tourism
1.More Africa offers tours on the premises where we inform people about our work, but also the do’s and dont’s of tourism. We will tru to make people aware of these both positive and negative impacts of tourism.
2.More Africa offers working vacations at More Africa Guesthouse where encounters between locals and visitors from other parts of the world are encouraged.
3.More Africa Guesthouse offers an exquisite restaurant, which will generate income for More Africa NGO.

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