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More Africa
More Africa is a non-governmental organization (NGO) on Zanzibar which focuses on children and young adults with physical and/or mental disabilities. The special school provides special education, physical therapy, medical help, training and daycare to children who aren’t allowed anywhere else because of their disability.


More Africa is a NGO founded in 2015 by the Dutch Ellen van Beers.
The main aim of More Africa is the special school, in order to provide every child the right to education, therapy and/or meaningful daytime activities. More Africa offers a nursery, primary and physical therapy department. Besides, More Africa offers work experience places in the field of bar/restaurant, reception, housekeeping and security for young adults with disabilities from age 16 and older.
On Zanzibar, education, counseling or therapy for children/young adults with disabilities are not obvious. More Africa offers these children and young adults the opportunity to develop themselves in a familiar and safe environment. More Africa works with individual careplans and all our children have their own personal goals.


In order to run our project in a self-sustainable way, More Africa offers 10 beautiful bungalows with private bathroom. More Africa also has a swimming pool, dormitory for volunteers, restaurant, boutique and an excursion office. All profit from the bungalows and other facilities will be used to support the main aim of the company; the special school for children and young adults with disabilities. Our project and bungalows are all located on the same premises.
You can find More Africa in the outskirts of Paje, a small but beautiful fishing village on the south-east coast of Zanzibar. We are only 800meter away from the most beautiful beach of Paje.


The concept of More Africa is very unique in East-Africa. While staying with More Africa guests will contribute directly to a good charity. A once in a lifetime experience!




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More Africa offers her children and their parents the following:

Physical therapy
All children with a physical disability that come to More Africa, receive physical therapy. The aim is to help children get the best possible move so that they can develop optimally.


The children of More Africa struggling with social problems. In some cases, this results in anger and aggression, while others are just really pull back and are extremely uncertain. The purpose of this training is to teach social skills, learn to recognize feelings, indicate stand up for themselves and boundaries.


Special Education
Children with disabilities need lots of attention and guidance. One on one counseling is essential. More Africa offers special education. Children learn to read, write, count, creativity and cooperation, all in a playful way.


In 2019, “Food&More” opens her doors in Paje. This restaurant aims to guide 18+ people with disabilities to a (paid) job. In his way, they have a meaningful daycare and they can really be part of the community.


In 2019, More Africa opens 10 bungalows in order to generate income for the project. Guest can stay on the premises of More Africa; relax, swim, enjoy the restaurant and visit the project. While staying in one of our bungalows, guest donate directly to the NGO.


More Africa finds it very important to involve the parents in guiding their children. Parents often encounter misunderstanding from the community. More Africa offers a listening ear, meetings, home visits, etc. Parents are involved in the goals we set for their child.


More Africa sells handmade products made by the local community, the children and our parents. We give a fair price for the work that our people do, allowing them to generate their own income.