More Africa

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”

Nelson Mandela

Our mission

More Africa is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Paje, on Zanzibar, founded in 2015 by the Dutch Ellen van Beers. The organization focuses on children and young adults with physical and/or mental disabilities.
The main aim of More Africa is to help children and young adults with special needs by providing special education, physical therapy, medical help, training and/or meaningful daytime activities.

Our impact

The main goal of More Africa is the special school, which offers every child the right to education, therapy and a meaningful day. On Zanzibar education, guidance or therapy for children/young adults with disabilities is not available. Let alone offering work experience places. More Africa offers these children and young adults the opportunity to develop themselves in a familiar and safe environment. More Africa works with individual care plans and all children have their own personal goals which are worked on daily.

Special education: More Africa offers tailor-made education. All lessons are developed by ourselves and are adapted to the level of the children.
Physiotherapy: More Africa offers physiotherapy to children with physical disabilities. Often this is (severe) cerebral palsy. This is a posture and movement disorder caused by damage to the brain.
Daycare: Children with severe mental disabilities are in the day care group. For these children we offer experiential learning. In the new school we have a workshop and we will create a small care farm where these children can learn by experiencing.
Medical care: Health care on Zanzibar is not good. Therefore we make sure that our children can go to a good hospital when needed. We also purchase the necessary medication for the children.
Trainingprogram: Through our “More Africa Academy” our 16+ youth are trained within our social enterprise; the More Africa Guesthouse.

Currently, More Africa provides care and education to 25 children and young adults between the ages of 2 and 24.
The (dis)abilities of the children at More Africa are very diverse. In short, everyone is welcome, regardless of (im)possibilities.
More Africa provides transport, so all our 25 talents are picked up and dropped of every day from their homes.
The care provided by More Africa is free of charge for the parents, because we believe that the opportunity for education should be accessible to everyone.


More Africa offers tours on the premises where we inform people about our work, but also the do’s and dont’s of tourism.
We will try to make people aware of these both positive and negative impacts of tourism.

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Sustainable Development

More Africa wants to professionalize its project from 2020 onwards. This means that we will work with sustainable development goals. More Africa wants to open a workshop where local adults with disabilities will be given a space to practice their profession. In exchange, they teach our children their profession. We also want to open a bike shop where our youth can refurbish bikes, which can then be rented out to tourists in our guesthouse.

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More Africa Guesthouse offers an exquisite restaurant, which will generate income for More Africa NGO and where our 18+ youth with disabilities have a place to develop themselves

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Zanzibar has amazing artisans who make beautiful and unique products. More Handmade is a part of More Africa and works together with those amazing people and together we create, design and purchase our items and products. All artisans receive a fair price for their work and effort. Share the love!

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Working holidays

More Africa offers working vacations at More Africa Guesthouse where encounters between locals and visitors from other parts of the world are encouraged.

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