Food&More is runned by people with disabilities. We therefore ask you kindly to be a little bit patient with us 🙂



Start your day with one of our fresh juices and finish your day with the chef’s special paired with an exotic cocktail.


In our restaurant Food&More our chef will bring various options to meet your taste. We offer menu a ’la carte. Our chef loves to spoil our guests with the best food


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More Africa’s specialties

Breakfast special

Our breakfast special: Yoghurt with passionfruit and homemade granola


East African Chapati is a beautiful unleavened flat Bread. It has a delicious but subtle flavour. We mix it with chicken, veggie’s & mango. Most people order this dish more than once, because it’s awesome!

Calamaris in coconut

Our calamaris in coconut with spicey pilau is our beststeller! Our calamaris is freshly catched by fisherman on the beach and prepared in a creamy coconut sauce. The pilau with it’s famous spices such as cardamom and cinnamon make the dish absolutely perfect

Snack platter

Our snack platter is perfect for people who can’t make up their minds! Chapati with dips, calamari and samosas are coming your way!