More Handmade

More Handmade and Responsible tourism

Tourism has a big impact on Zanzibar, both positive and negative. In a positive way, tourism supports the economy, creates local jobs, creates awareness and helps to protect the National Parks. Unfortunately, also the negative effects are present. Tourism creates a lot of plastic waste, people don’t always dress appropriate according to the culture, and there can be a lot of misunderstanding of what is “good”.
People give away their cookies, like to buy a football, give balloons or pens, but don’t realize that they create a begging culture. A culture where it seems to be normal that children (or even adults) can ask tourists for all kinds of items.
Is this good, is this responsible? Ask yourself that question.
More Africa is registered as an NGO and we see it as our aim to inform tourists about the do’s and don’ts regarding sustainable and responsible tourism. In this way we try to limit the negative effects and make travellers AWARE of the social and cultural aspects. In this way, tourists will understand their IMPACT and together we can make that impact a POSITIVE one.


More Africa is a non-governmental organization (NGO) on Zanzibar (Paje) which focuses on children and young adults with physical and/or mental disabilities. The special school provides special education, physical therapy, medical help, training and daycare to children who aren’t allowed anywhere else because of their disability.
Zanzibar has amazing artisans who make beautiful and unique products. More Handmade is a part of More Africa and works together with those amazing people and together we create, design and purchase our items and products. All artisans receive a fair price for their work and effort. Also our children make their own products such as postcards and keychains.
More Handmade sells wallets, ipad cases, laptop cases, pillow cases, reusable water bottles, make-up and toiletbags and many more.

How your purchase creates positive change

Our newest baby is our Share the love campaign, special designed and made for children.
More Africa CREATES two identical children’s clothes.
By PURCHASING one item, the other, identical item will be donated to a child in ZANZIBAR.
In this way, we try to create a positive impact to provide basic human needs to the community.
More Africa works within this local community, so we make sure that the items will be donated to the people who can really use those basic needs.