“It all starts with a story…”

Why support us?

Progress will only be successful if the local organisation and/or the local community itself contributes to the project.
That is why More Africa:

1. Offers special education, physical therapy, daycare and medical care to children with mental and/or physical disabilities all over Zanzibar
2. Offers an 16+ training program within our guesthouse to give young people and adults with disabilities the opportunity to be part of the community, use their voice and provide for their own income.
3. Provides opportunities for young people with disabilities to learn a profession. Also offers opportunities/space for adults with disabilities to teach their profession/craft to our youngsters.


Good to know

  1. More Africa is changing lives of children with mental and/or physical disabilities on Zanzibar who cannot go to local government schools because of their disability
  2. More Africa is involving parents in the care of their child. We believe involving parents is the key to change!
  3. 100% of donations are used for the children in terms of quality education, physical therapy, medical care or More Africa’s sustainable development goals. Donations will not be used for overhead costs.
  4. More Africa’s most important goal is to become self-sustainable.
  5. Only our local staff will get paid and work directly with our children to create a safe and professional environment
  6. Our international volunteers don’t get paid. We only work with professional volunteers such as social workers or physical therapists. We also work with interns. Our international volunteers will train our local staff.
  7. More Africa has no religious motivation
  8. Finances are open to the public
  9. There are many benefits for sponsors. Keep on reading below to find out!

How can I help?


Make a donation to our Dutch bankaccount
Bank account: NL29 RABO 0118383280 (Kwagala Foundation)

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Come to Paje, Zanzibar as a volunteer

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Working holidays

Work 3 hours per day and get 10% discount on your stay

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Come visit us

Stay with us and donate directly to the school. Spread the word!

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You will receive: The undefined gratitude from all our children and parents

You will receive: Every 3 months information about the program you sponsor

You will receive: Voucher for a free night stay (from 30,50 per month)

The undefined gratitude from all our children and parents

A personal thank you letter

Customized follow up by the founder personally (request)

Anonymity (if requested)

A free week stay in our guesthouse included breakfast (check availability, excl food and drinks)

Give-a-way vouchers