How can I help?

Thank you for being willing to help the More Africa Kids.
There are different ways of helping More Africa.

1. Donate to our Dutch bankaccount
Help More Africa and donate straight to our Dutch bank account!
Bank account: NL29 RABO 0118383280 (Kwagala Foundation)

2. Sponsor clothes/shoes/toys
Every volunteer/guest who travels with KLM/Kenya Airlines is able to bring 2 suitcases of 23KG each.
In the short future we want to organize local markets to sell 2nd hand clothes/shoes/toys etc to local people for local prices.
Don’t throw away your old stuff, it can always find a 2nd home here on Zanzibar!

3. Become a sponsor for one of our children
More Africa offers free education and physical therapy to her children. ‘We offer an scholarship program where sponsors can donate from 5 euro per month. Every 3 months, sponsors receive the reports and evaluations from the progress of the children
Click here for more information

4. Come work as a volunteer
All people from 18+ with an background in health/physical therapy and/or education can apply to come work as a volunteer.
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5. Stay as a guest in one of our bungalows
This is the most awesome experience you can have. You can enjoy a nice, relaxing holiday and while staying, relaxing, enjoying the best food & drinks you immideately donate to the NGO. Stop looking any further! Just book, sit back and enjoy!
Our guest donate immediately to the NGO just by staying with us! More Africa wants to inform guest about sustainable tourism and create a sustainable way of staying with us.
It will also be possible to do a “working holiday”. In exchange for 3 hours of work a day, you will receive a discount on your stay.