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Together with ‘Vrijwillig Wereldwijd’, More Africa is working hard to build up a network of volunteers. All volunteers will be prepared by ‘Vrijwillig Wereldwijd’ before starting.

More Africa works all year round with international volunteers and interns (mostly from the Netherlands and Belgium).
More Africa has a few guidelines when it comes to volunteering at More Africa.

All volunteers / interns need to be at least 18 years old.
All volunteers / interns need to come for at least 4 weeks. This in order to avoid too many changes for the children and to keep the quality of education high. Also for you as a volunteer / intern you need at least 2 to 3 weeks before you get to know everything within the project.
As you can see on the next pages, we are looking for professionals in healthcare, physical therapy, education and tourism.
Because of the work we do with our children, we ask for professionals to keep the quality high.
For our guesthouse, we are looking for tourism interns and professionals.
More Africa is looking for people who are willing to work hard, don’t have a 9 to 17 mentality and people who want to learn about other cultures and respect the values of Zanzibar. When you only want to come for the parties it is better if you stay home or look for another place to volunteer.
As a tourist, you are a guest in another country. This means you need to respect the culture and local customs.
While working at More Africa, we expect everybody to wear appropriate clothes. Appropriate means that the shoulders and knees are covered.
When you come as an volunteer / intern you will work 4,5 days per week (if school has other requirements we can always discuss). You will stay at our dormitory (boys and girls seperate) and we provide food during workdays. We will ask 135 euro’s per week for staying with us, food, supervision, transport & pick-up service.
When you come to Zanzibar you will need a tourism and working permit. Working permits are normaly 400USD. Luckily More Africa has exemption for these costs so you will only pay 50USD for a tourist visa!