More Africa Guesthouse

When you decide to come to More Africa, don´t expect a typical resort and also don’t expect a party place for backpackers. More Africa is located in the local community of Paje and its main purpose is to educate our children with special needs through special education and physical therapy. More Africa is in the first place a non profitable organization. This means that, after salary of our staff, all the profit from the bungalows and our restaurant go straight to the project.
You directly support our project when you decide to stay with us. Thank you for that!

Because of our project we are located in the local village. Unlike other resorts who are isolated from the villages and the locals, we are looking for a different kind of traveler. A traveler that is interested in community work, sustainable tourism & culture instead of a random beach holiday.

Paje village is safe and the locals are very friendly. Our guests can walk through the village at daytime without any problems. To respect the local culture and traditions we will ask you to cover yourself when you walk through the village. Don’t walk alone after dark, just to be sure!

Please send us an email to for bookings and enquiries!

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More Africa consists of 10 bungalows with en-suite bathroom, each in their own theme.

Basic Double Room, price from $50
Jozani Room

Standard Double Room, price from $55
Spice Room

Deluxe Double Rooms, price from $57,50
Sunrise Room
Kanga Room

Triple Rooms, price from $70
Beach Room
Masai Room

Family Rooms, price from $80
Big 5 Room
Safari Room
Hakuna Matata Room
More Africa Room