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Dear reader,
At the moment, we live with each other in uncertainty.
These are difficult times, which we will have to go through together.
To bring a positive note during these dark times, we have made a book full of inspiring and feel-good quotes.
With this book we hope to put a smile on your face.
At the end of the book we also added some useful tips for what you can do at home during a (partial) lockdown.
Just like for everyone else, this is also a financially difficult time for More Africa.
The school is closed until further notice. The guesthouse is closed.
Of course in these times we want to continue taking care of our children and to pay our staff as well as possible.
That is why we would like to ask you; if this book gives you a positive vibe, to donate a small amount. In this way we hope to re-open as soon as possible, keep our staff with us and help the community move forward as soon as it is safe to go outside again.
Donations can be made through our Dutch bankaccount: NL 29 RABO 0118383280 or through

Click HERE to view the book

Stay at home. Stay healthy. Stay strong.
Team More Africa

While we all try our best to understand & deal with COVID-19 let’s also remember to continue planning life after.
It’s essential or we run the risk of damaging things for so much longer with longer effects to many people employed within hospitality & beyond. Please take a moment to consider your decision to cancel your holiday. Why not postpone it instead?

Last period Aisha & Friends together with Jan & Ko and Dutch Tanzania Foundation produced audio- and reading booklets in Kiswahili and English language. The booklets educate children on COVID-19, to address their feelings of insecurity and to explain all applicable preventing measures.
The books, recently published, are titled Aisha and Moses strong against Coronavirus!’ ~ ‘Aisha pamoja na Moses Imara dhidi ya virusi vya corona!’  They might be helpful for your kids!You can download the booklets for free on the link below.