Dear reader,

Tanzania and Zanzibar will open their borders again on June 1st. Tourism is slowly starting up again.

Most airlines will fly to Tanzania and Zanzibar again as of July. More Africa wants to open its doors again on July 20th for volunteers and guests in the guesthouse.

We are very happy with this news and look forward to welcoming you again soon.
Of course we want to keep the chance of COVID-19 spreading to a minimum. For this reason we have taken a number of precautions, to make the stay as safe as possible.

During your stay

  • Make sure you have a valid travel insurance. This is a mandatory regulation from the Tanzanian government.
  • Upon arrival and for the entire duration of your stay, we will test your temperature at least once a day using an infrared thermometer.
  • Mouth caps are required by the government. So make sure you have them with you. At More Africa we will also sell mouth masks.
  • All our guest are asked to take social measures to keep distance. Please keep a distance of 1.5 meters to all our employees, other guests and volunteers.
  • We provide hand hygiene (water and soap) and ask you to wash your hands regularly. Washing your hands is the most important thing to prevent the transfer of COVID-19!
  • Our staff work following the health and safety regulations given by WHO
  • The rooms will be cleaned daily with a household disinfectant solution. If you would like to clean your own room, we will provide you with the necessary equipment
  • Around the pool, limited sunbeds will be available to maintain the social distance. We kindly ask you to respect the distance measures and therefore only 4 people are allowed in our pool at the same time. Every morning and evening the pool will be cleaned.
  • A maximum of 4 rooms (max 8 guest) can use the restaurant at the same time
  • Breakfast on request (time).
  • It will NOT be possible to visit our special school for disabled children until further notice. We want to prevent the risk of spreading as much as possible and want to keep our children safe.

In case of symptoms

  • Medical support will be provided in case of symptoms.
  • Please realize that Zanzibar is a third-world country and medical care is not the same as in Europe/USA. You are therefore on your own responsibility and More Africa cannot be held liable if you fall ill or have complaints. You must therefore follow More Africa’s protocol at all times.
  • Make sure you have a good insurance before you travel!
  • In case of symptoms (cough, cold and/or fever) you have to stay in your room until you are free of complaints for 24 hours, to prevent the risk of spreading.


  • More Africa will organize private excursions and transport for you as much as possible, so that you can safely enjoy all the beauty that Zanzibar has to offer.
  • Mouth masks are required by the government. We kindly ask you to wear a mouth mask when you walk through the village or during excursions.

More Africa wants to make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible and enjoy our Zanzibar paradise at the same time.

Book directly to get the best price guaranteed,

Thank you for your understanding,
More Africa Staff
Click HERE to view the book

Last period Aisha & Friends together with Jan & Ko and Dutch Tanzania Foundation produced audio- and reading booklets in Kiswahili and English language. The booklets educate children on COVID-19, to address their feelings of insecurity and to explain all applicable preventing measures.
The books, recently published, are titled Aisha and Moses strong against Coronavirus!’ ~ ‘Aisha pamoja na Moses Imara dhidi ya virusi vya corona!’  They might be helpful for your kids!You can download the booklets for free on the link below.
Aisha and Moses ENGLISH
Aisha and Moses Kiswahili
Aisha and Moses Dutch