Sustainable Development Goals

More Africa wants to professionalize its project from 2020 onwards. This means that we will work with sustainable development goals.


More Africa’s main goal is to become completely self-sufficient over the next five years.
With the start of the guesthouse in 2019, we have already taken a big step for the future. The guesthouse should fund the school, so we no longer depend on volunteers and donations.
To achieve this, we also need to work on capacity building. At the moment we are still too dependent on volunteers to run the project properly.
At the moment our school is getting too small. We only have 2 classrooms and 1 room for physiotherapy. There is a waiting list of children who would like to join our school, but there is not enough space in the school and not enough permanent staff.
For this reason we have to expand the school. This is not possible at the current location, so we have to find another location to rebuild the school. We still have 5 years rent on the current location, so eventually we also want to move the guesthouse to another location.
We want to take the next steps:
– Hire social workers and physiotherapist
– Setting up social work training
– Providing social work training, training people ourselves
– Set up and write 18+ training program
– Set up outreach program, support schools, provide support at home
– Set up a physio clinic
– Search for new land to expand the school
– Fundraising for new school and guesthouse
– Expand children after new school is built
– Expand partnerships (WajaMama, WHY NGO)
– Setting up a workshop, where people with disabilities can make their products. Create a platform where they can sell their products. In exchange for a (free) space, they have to teach our children their crafts for an X number of hours a week.
– Setting up a bike shop where our youth can refurbish bikes, which can then be rented out to tourists in our guesthouse.