Since the beginning of 2015, More Africa has worked very hard to provide a safe place for children with disabilities. The school has grown into a place where children with special needs receive special education, physiotherapy and medical care. It is the first and only place on Zanzibar where children get this opportunity.
Over the years, more and more parents know where to find us. However, in 2020 the moment came that the school was too small and we couldn’t accept more children.
That is why we started a fundraiser in January 2020 to expand the school.
This fundraiser has been successful and we have entered into a cooperation with “Wilde Ganzen Nederland” (Wild Geese Netherlands). They help us both financially and through capacity building.

As of June 1, 2022, our new school in Jambiani has opened. We are very proud of this and can’t wait to show you our school. Please make an appointment if you want to come by?

To really finish it off, we would now like to become self-sufficient. Therefore we have started a new fundraiser, again in cooperation with “Wilde ganzen Netherlands”. We want to build a social guesthouse at our new location in Jambiani where people with disabilities can get a (work) experience to develop themselves in a safe environment.
The new guesthouse will also have a new name; Blooming Zanzibar. We want our young people with disabilities to grow, bloom and develop at this new location.

April 2022: Start fundraiser
April 2023: Start building (or sooner when all funds are raised)
June 2024: Planned opening “Blooming Zanzibar”