Happy earth

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More Africa likes an happy earth and we try to do whatever it takes to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Chako & More Africa
The tourism industry creates a lot of opportunities for Zanzibar and its people. At the same time it also creates waste. Waste is difficult to process on the island. Things like brochures, bottles or glass can easily be given a new life. This is exactly what CHAKO does!
All CHAKO products are locally made in their workshop, combining waste and local materials. This way they stimulate the Zanzibar community while offering you a nice souvenir to take home!
Starting 2019, More Africa and Chako work together. More Africa is a collection point for all glass bottles. All indivuduals or hotels/guesthouse in Paje and surroundings can bring their bottles to More Africa and we make sure they will be brought to Chako to give them a new life!
Check the website from Chako HERE.