School departments

Aim & Goal
The main aim of More Africa is to help children and young adults with special needs by providing special education, physical therapy, medical help, training and/or meaningful daytime activities.
In order for the NGO to be self-sustainable, More Africa runs a non-profit guesthouse. Tourists from all over the world come to visit us, and donate through their stay directly to the NGO.

The main goal of More Africa is the special school, which offers every child the right to education, therapy and meaningful daytime activities. More Africa offers a nursery, primary, physical therapy and 18+ department.
At Zanzibar education, guidance or therapy for children/young adults with disabilities are not obvious. More Africa offers these children and young adults the opportunity to develop themselves in a familiar and safe environment.

School departments

Special education
More Africa offers special education tailored to the needs of all children. All children have their own personal care plan, in which short and long term goals are formulated. Every day we work on all the goals and report on them on a daily basis. At the end of each month evaluations are made and every three months the goals are evaluated and adjusted where necessary. In this way the progress of the children is measured.

The nursery group consists toddlers and children with major development delays. We prepare them for the primary school by teaching them basic scholar and social skills.

The primary group consists of children who are not allowed in Zanzibar to go to a government school due to their disabilities

More Africa offers daycare for children with severe mental disabilities.  We offer these children experiential learning. This means that it is about education in which you allow children to gain as much experience as possible, so that they learn to experience and discover for themselves. Children learn by trial and error.
Students with severe disabilities are completely dependent on help with everyday activities, such as eating, playing, getting dressed,…
In addition, they often cannot talk and it is up to the teacher to understand their subtle signals. In order to learn, these students are also completely dependent on guidance and an experiential environment.

Physical therapy
Besides special education, More Africa also offers physical therapy. There is a special group with children with severe Cerebral Palsy.
More Africa especially offers movement experiences and sensory stimulation for these children. Besides this, it is very important to preserve what can be preserved with these children. That is why moving the joints is often very important.
Besides the children with severe cerebral palsy, More Africa also offers physiotherapy to some children from the nursery, primary and daycare group. Semi-sided paralysis is relatively common on Zanzibar, often in combination with epilepsy. Furthermore, we offer therapy to toddlers who have developmental delays.

Medical care
Parents often want the best for their child, but do not know where to go. Epilepsy, for example, is seen as the devil revealing himself in someone’s body. On Zanzibar there are still complete rituals to dispel it. More Africa pays all costs for medication, checkups etcetera. More Africa also goes along with the appointments, firstly to make sure they really go, secondly to be well informed of what the doctors say and thirdly to assist the parents and the child and where necessary give more explanations

18+ ability’s trainingprogram
More Africa offers a training programme for people with disabilities from the age of 18. The training program prepares our employees to work within the hospitality sector.
We teach our employees to work as security, gardener, bartender, chef or housekeeper.
Our trainees will put their training into action within our guesthouse. In this way we create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
We believe that everyone has the ability to be a meaningful member of the community.
Our employees can’t wait to show you what they have learned. This way, you will have a wonderful holiday, and our employees can learn and develop themselves in a familiar and safe environment. A win-win for our community!