Short trips – Active Zanzibar

Active Zanzibar –  4 days, 3 nights

Price: $410 p.p. (based on 2 pers sharing)


More Africa
During this short trip you will stay at More Africa Guesthouse. From here you will experience all excursions.
More Africa Guesthouse is located on the East-Coast of Zanzibar, in the beautiful fishing village of Paje. More Africa Guesthouse is part of More Africa NGO, a special school for disabled children. The guesthouse is non-profit, which means you donate directly to our NGO while staying with us. A once in a lifetime experience!
More Africa Guesthouse has a bar and a restaurant with cold drinks and lovely food!
You will stay in a double room with private en-suite bathroom based on bed and breakfast.

Active Zanzibar
Zanzibar has a lot to offer when it comes to action. Unfortunately many active trips, include trips such as jet-skiing. We don’t want to offer these kind of trips, because we think it is important to think about nature, environment and noise disturbance. We tried to make an active program for you, with preservation of the environment.

Day 1: Guided tour through Stone Town
The capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Every culture lover will love this diverse city with many Arabic influences. Our guide will tell you all about the rich history of Zanzibar, which is largely characterized by slave trade. You will be taken to the former slave market, the Anglican church, the House of Wonders, the ancient Arab Fort and the birthplace of Freddy Mercury (Queen).
Along the way you get to see everything that Zanzibar stands for. On the largest market in the city, the Darajani, you will discover why Zanzibar is famous for its spices. Also you will visit the meat and fish market on Darajani. The fish is freshly fed by local fishermen and a few times a day it’s auctioned on the fish auction. Then the big sale begins in the many small shops that Stone Town is rich.
Stone Town consists of a maze of small, narrow streets. The guide will take you through all these narrow streets. You can optionally view the view over Stone Town from a rooftop terrace in one of Zanzibar’s hotels.
Already strolling through the small alleys, you will find the most beautiful souvenirs, you see children playing and men playing “bao”. This is a local game that is played a lot.
All that walking makes thirsty, so you can choose to take a break at Zanzibar Coffee House. As the name already suggests, you can drink good coffee here, but there are plenty of other sweets like fresh juices, cake and sandwiches.

Stone town (2)

Day 2: Surfing
On this second day you go surfing! Zanzibar is a beautiful little island in the Indian Ocean with tropical climate, warm water and a great vibe. It has become a very popular destination for water lovers, as it is a top destination for divers and kitesurfers. But can you really surf Zanzibar waves? Yes. And the surfing conditions here are better than what many people would imagine… Surf in Zanzibar and get stoked with us while we discover the uncrowded reefs.

surfen (3)

Day 3: Snorkeling
On this thirth day we will go snorkling in the Blue Lagoon. We will go with the best dive school in the Wast-Coast and they will show you the beautiful underwater world of Zanzibar.

Blue Lagoon (3)

Day 4: Stand up peddling (SUP)
On the last day we will visit the mangroves. We will go stand up peddling! Discover one of the most beautiful, unknown and highly endangered environments of Zanzibar’s South-East coast, which is only accessible by SUP.
In the mangroves area you will find a wide variety of animals, such as specific fish and crab. Our guide will show you the most beautiful areas and explain the different types of mangrove trees during our mangrove sup tour. After the tour you can share your experiences with each other while enjoying free drinks and fruit. Take the perfect pictures from our roof-top terrace overlooking the mangrove forest and lagoon.
By exploring Zanzibar during our mangrove sup tour, you will have a full body workout, probably without even noticing it!


– Transport to and from airport/ferry
– 3 nights accommodation Zanzibar, based on a double room with private bathroom (breakfast included)
– Stone Town City Tour
– Surfing trip
– Snorkeling tour
– SUP tour

– International flight
– Touristvisa ($50 per person)
– Infrastructure tax Zanzibar ($1 pppn)
– Lunch, Dinner and drinks
– Other extra expenses