100 Days, 100 Challenges


100 challenges in 100 days in order to raise as much money for More Africa as possible.
All our challenges has to do with the work we do, to create awareness about disabilities, awareness about the culture and people can get to know Zanzibar.

Two types of challenges
1. CHALLENGE ONLY: You accept the challenge and you try your best to fulfil the assignment to create more awareness about More Africa, culture, health or your own happiness
2. SERIOUS CHALLENGE: You accept the challenge and you try your very best to make as much money out of it in 100 days, but the minimum amount must be raised. You can let people sponsor you to make it easier. Use your own social media to finish the job.

Challenge “rules”
– We need proof!
Make a video/photo and send it to more Africa. Or even better, post it on your social media and tag #moreafrica and #moreafricaguesthouse
– You need to raise the minimum amount in order to accomplish the challenge. The more the better!
– The challenge must be accomplished in 100 days (November 23 2019 until march 1st 2020)All amounts now are in USD, for EURO we will use the same amount. So USD 50 and EUR 500 will be the same to keep it easy

On Sunday March 1st, on the 5th birthday of More Africa we will announce the amount that we raised during a nice poolparty at More Africa. Be there!

Want to accept a challenge? Send an email to
info@more-africa.com, send a DM to our Instagram @moreafrica or @moreafricaguesthouse or send a whatsapp to +255 77 88 22 685


Click below for all challenges, minimum amounts and challengers